Available Puppies
- Starting Nov. 18, 2013, all puppies must be picked up in person (no shipping) to be in compliance with the new USDA/APHIS rule.
page updated 4-8-24
Puppies available to Pet Homes
puppies can be placed on hold for no more than 9 days to organize pick up
- there are no breeding rights on pet puppies
- prices are non-negotiable
- we do not take deposits
"Comet" broken coated tricolor neutered male born 10/14/23; $650
"Vixen" lightly broken coated tan/white spayed female born 10/19/23; $450 (deaf)
"Cole" heavy broken coated black/white male with underbite born 1/12/24; $800
"Cricket" broken coated tan/white female born 1/12/24; $800 ON HOLD