Fun Pictures!
Rolling Hill Russells
Dart fits right in
Dash, Jet, and Zip being typical Jacks.
They're always waiting at the door for you.
Zip and first two JRTs.
Chablis loves water!
Chablis & Truman Christmas 2005
Baby Dart and Rush...could they be any cuter?
Chablis' first time to the!
Jet took care of Chase as a pup.
Truman & Chablis taking it easy.
Zipper gets tired of studying
Dart in the puppy races!
Suzoo loves to play in the water!
Dart in the snow Feb. '03
Dart and Scooby...such a cute pair!
Shaggs wants Scooby's bone.
She eventually got it!
Zip & Dash
Christmas 2002
Chablis and Truman are wrestle buddies.
Jumping for joy!
Chablis relaxing
Summer lovin'
My tricolor honeys
Chablis the daredevil :o)
Who's bed is it?
Fun at the lake
Dart doing the happy wiggle
It's windy at the beach!
Crossfire, Chablis & Truman Christmas 2007