NEWS 2007!
January 20-21 - I attended a Myra Savant Harris, RN Reproduction and Puppy Intensive Care seminar in conjunction with a CLONETN artificial insemination seminar. It was a wonderful weekend that I would recommend to any breeder.
February 16-17 - Tracking Truman of Jack's Paradise and I attended a Middle Georgia Kennel Club conformation UKC show in Perry, GA. It was Truman's second show weekend and he came away with a Group Three and a Group Four. He has completed his UKC Championship.
February 20 - March 13 - Step is taking a 4 week puppy training class with the ORKC.
February 10 - Truman, Chablis and I attended a practice Earthdog event in Georgia put on by the Atlanta Terrier Club. They were introduced to a variety of tunnels and got to "meet the rats".
June 7 - Bean (Chablis/Twister pup) received her AKC Good Citizen's Award...congratulations Donna!
July 20-22 - I attended the AKC Parent Club Conference near Atlanta, GA as a representative for the AJRTA. It was a wonderful weekend packed full of educational information on how to properly run a breed club. The AKC really out did themselves in putting on this conference.
July 28-9 - Supertramp and SuMoe received valuable ring experience and obtained breed points at their first UKC show in Simpsonville, KY put on by the Mason-Dixon Multibreed Dog Association.
August 4-5 - I attended a 1&1/2 day Breeder's Symposium sponsored by the AKC and Canine Health Foundation. Topics covered genetics, reproduction, vaccines, and CHIC...just to name a few.
August 19 - Congratulations to Cathy Jo and Eva Marie Long on their two new UKC Champions, Trudy's Wish of Turning Leaf and Turning Leaf RHR Sinful Chardonnay (Fancy). Fancy is sired by UCH Charming Chablis of Jack's Paradise.
August 17 - Outback Twister gave birth to her second and final litter...three tan/white female and two black/white male pups. The father of the litter is an outside stud, BBF Humphrey (Moe's father).
October 16 - Rolling Hill SuMoe Style gave birth to her first litter...four rough coated tricolor male pups. The father of the litter is Carisbrooke Crossfire and this is also his first litter.
November 4 - Congratulations to Heather Wightman and Rolling Hills Daegan of Magick on receiving Winner's Dog and Best in Match at the National Russell Terrier Specialty in Yorba Linda, CA.
March 30 - BBF Moementum gave birth to six girls and two boys. The father of the litter is UCH Charming Chablis of Jack's Paradise.
April 19 - Carisbrook Crossfire finally arrives in Tennessee after his long trip from Australia. He is co-owned with Liz McKinney of Falling Branch Russells. Thanks so much to Rita Francis-Little for allowing such an exceptional dog to contribute to our genepool here in the USA.