About the Kennel
Our goal at RHR is to produce sound, sociable puppies for the show ring and as the perfect companion. Every effort is being made to produce puppies that are as healthy as possible while having conformation that is true to the type of a Russell Terrier. Breeding dogs are screened for common health issues that affect this breed. Our BAER (hearing), CAER (eye), patella, and PLL DNA results are verifiable on the OFA site. A lot of effort has been put towards learning as much information as possible about producing the best dogs around...this includes literature, videos, seminars, teachings from qualified mentors, forums, and much, much more. It is not enough to just want to breed quality dogs. You really have to work at it!

All of my personal dogs are pets first, living their lives around me in the house. Available adults and older puppies have paddocks they can enjoy and a temperature controlled kennel for when the weather is bad. Expecting mothers are very closely watched and give birth in a whelping pen set up in my bedroom or at the vet clinic while I work. All the girls are so good natured that they will let anyone assist in the birthing process and the handling of their puppies. At home, most of my dogs can run loose together with supervision and have a fenced in half acre to romp through during playtime. We have enjoyed going to a variety of events...conformation, lure coursing, dock diving, rally, and earthdog. These dogs are so versatile that they can get involved in almost anything. They are the joy of my life!
One dog is no trouble and two are so funny,
The third one is easy, the fourth one's a honey.
The fifth is delightful, the sixth one's a breeze,
You find you can live with a housefly with ease.
So how 'bout another? Would you really dare?
They're really quite easy, but Oh Lord, the hair!
With dogs on the sofa and dogs on the bed,
And crates in the kitchen, it's "no bother" you said.
They're really no trouble, their manners are great,
What's just one more dog and one more little crate?
The sofa is hairy, the windows are crusty,
The floor is all footprints, the furniture's dusty.
The housekeeping suffers, but what do you care?
Who minds a few nose prints and a little more hair?
So let's keep a puppy, you can always find room,
And a little more time for the dust cloth and broom.
There's hardly a limit to the dogs you can add,
The thought of a cutback, sure makes you feel sad.
Each one is special, so useful, so funny,
The food bill grows larger, you owe the vet money.
Your folks never visit, few friends come to stay,
Except other dog folks who live the same way.
Your lawn has now died and your shrubs are dead too,
Your weekends are busy, you're off with your crew.
There's dog food and vitamins, training, and shots,
And entries and travel and motels, which cost lots.
Is it worth it you wonder? Are you caught in a trap?
Then that favorite comes up and climbs in your lap.
His look says you're special and you know that you will,
Keep all the critters in spite of the bill.
Some just for showing, and some just to breed,
And some just for loving, they all fill a need.
The dogs and the dogs shows, the travel, the thrills,
The work and the worry, the pressure, the bills.
The whole thing seems worth it, the dogs are your life,
They're charming and funny and offset the strife.
Your lifestyle has changed, things just won't the same,
Yes, those dogs are addictive and so's the dog game!
Author Unknown
Russells and JRTs can be very good climbers and are capable of getting into/out of a variety of interesting places!